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  • Episode 38 – Brad Lidge, World Series Champ on Slowing Down & Evolving
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Stewardship & Sustainability Series
Episode 38 - Brad Lidge, World Series Champ on Slowing Down & Evolving

World Series champion, archeologist, father, husband, and philanthropist, Brad (“Lights Out”) Lidge discusses the essential importance of getting outside our comfort zones to learn, evolve, and massively mobilize sustainability.

After finishing his illustrious career with the Houston Astros and the Philadelphia Phillies (for whom he threw the winning pitch in the 2008 World Series), Brad finished his undergraduate degree in Religious Studies (begun at Notre Dame prior to being drafted to the majors, finished at Regis University after baseball) and then went on to get a Master’s Degree in Archeology from the University of Leicester in England. An expert in Ancient Roman architecture and artifacts, Brad is dismayed that the plastics now found in North American digs over 50 years old require archeological documenting – thus, we modern humans have become the “Plastic People.” We need to evolve beyond that!

Enthralled by the amazing culture of Italy – where the “Slow Food” movement was born – Brad and his family have spent several summers on archeological digs there – where a closeness with the soil, the land, and the sacred olive trees (each of which has to be registered with the Italian government) is a delightful side effect of the pace of life there.

Here in Colorado, when he’s not helping his wife Lindsay with her new cut flowers business, Brad is coaching his son’s baseball team, attending his daughter’s cello performances, and serving on the Boards of both Project Cure and the Y on Earth Community. Brad tells us that it is imperative that we each “get outside our comfort zone” in order to learn, to grow, and to help transcend the destructive trappings of modern, plastic, non-sustainable culture. He shares how his days playing baseball – which required a close connection with the seasonal cycles of Mother Nature, and for which each and every baseball is rubbed with a special mud from the Deleware River before every game – allowed him ample time to read more history, and to cultivate a deeper connection with landscapes all around the country.

A true modern-day hero, Brad Lidge shares some simple, grounded wisdom that we can all benefit from – including the fundamental importance of deep breathing to reduce stress! (You can catch more of Brad at the upcoming 3-day summit: “Massively Mobilizing Sustainability: Deep Leadership for the 21st Century” (May 17-19, 2019) – use the special code: COMMUNITY for a 50% discount on your all-access VIP ticket today! – https://yonearth.org/events/summit2019/)

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