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  • Episode 66 – Meadow Cook, Youth Council Leader, Three Sisters Sovereignty Project
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Stewardship & Sustainability Series
Episode 66 - Meadow Cook, Youth Council Leader, Three Sisters Sovereignty Project

Meadow Cook, Youth Council Leader for the Three Sisters Sovereignty Project, discusses her leadership work among the Mohawk people, especially in the process of cultivating food, energy, and cultural sovereignty. Meadow, who’s Mohawk name is Tehontsiiohsta (pronounced: “de-Hun-Gee-Osta”), is from the Bear Clan, and has received a special acknowledgement in her community as Class President, and as a leader on the La Crosse field. Meadow is also on the Youth Advisory Council of Earth Uprising – an international coalition of youth activists taking direct action to address climate change, ecological degradation and social injustice.

In this episode, Meadow shares and reflects on some of the challenges faced by her people, and by indigenous people in general – with a special young woman’s perspective. Full of hope, optimism, and determination, Meadow leads the Youth Advisory Council for the Three Sisters Sovereignty Project – a group of Mohawk women who are leading the return to their ancestral homelands in fulfillment of prophecy. Meadow also shares a special message about the Eagle Feather from tribal elder Tom Porter, and discusses her enthusiasm for engaging with youth from all backgrounds at the Iroquois Indian Museum near Howe’s Cave in central New York State.

Recognizing the critical importance of “A Good Mind” per the Great Law of the Iroquois People, Meadow discusses the Youth Council’s focus on restoring and preserving the Mohawk language, beading, weaving, and working with artists, speakers, and community leaders to spread and share this indigenous knowledge. Her enthusiasm shines as she discusses sharing the “Corn Husk Doll” teachings with youth at the museum, carrying on a timeless tradition passed down countless generations by her people.

More information about Meadow and the Three Sisters Sovereignty Project is available at:



Instagram: MeadowCook

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