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  • Episode 77 – Shelby Kaminski, Edaphic Solutions – Compost Tea for Community
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Stewardship & Sustainability Series
Episode 77 - Shelby Kaminski, Edaphic Solutions - Compost Tea for Community

In this “on-site” episode, Shelby Kaminski, founder or Edaphic Solutions, explains and demonstrates her commercial compost tea services and products. Providing an abundance of carefully blended nutrients and beneficial microbes, her compost tea enhances soil regeneration, bolsters fertility, and boosts overall plant vitality, resilience, and productivity.

The name “Edaphic” comes from the Greek “floor / ground” and means “having to do with the soil.” With this inspirational foundation, Shelby blends super-activating and super-fertilizing compost teas that include high-quality compost, kelp (supplying 60 trace minerals, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, amino acids and vitamins), humic acid (the basic form of carbon for soil structure and increased water and nutrient retention, and “Mycogrow” (a mix by soil and fungi expert Paul Stamets that delivers endo- and ectomycorrhizal fungi and beneficial bacteria to the soil). Citing the “ground-breaking” (actually, “ground-healing” is more like it) work of soil scientist Elaine Ingham, Shelby recommends soilfoodweb.com for comprehensive soil-ecology information and resources.

The geographic range for Edaphic Solutions’ soil services is the greater Denver/Boulder area. Mention “Y on Earth” and receive a discount on your soil boosting application! Outside of the Denver/Boulder/Fort Collins region, you can engage Shelby to consult on your commercial compost tea operation to get this soil-boosting and carbon-sequestration action mobilized in your community!

Shelby graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder in 2016, with a degree in Environmental Studies and Geography. She also earned the internationally-renowned Permaculture Design Certificate during her studies. She is continuing her education with online courses about the soil food web, pesticide certifications with the USDA, and working closely with the community.

Instagram: @edaphicsolutions

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