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Stewardship & Sustainability Series
Stewardship & Sustainability Series
Episode 87 - Rennie Davis, Futurist, Activist, Philosopher, "Earth Whisperer"

In this special episode, Rennie Davis discusses his extraordinary journey from anti-war activism in the 1960s, to a four year hermitage in the Grand Canyon, and now work preparing for anticipated climate changes. Now published on Netflix, “The Trial of the Chicago 7”, explores the impact he and his cohorts had on the 1968 Democratic Convention, and in shifting popular sentiment in the United States about the Vietnam War. Now, through the Foundation for Humanity, which Rennie co-founded, a special Hope 1111 event is being curated for our global community on November 11th (hope1111.com).

At the center of 20th century history, Rennie shares how he and the Chicago 7 used humor to “put the government on trial,” how he admires the courage of the late John McCain, who was one of the prisoners of war negotiated for release from the Vietcong, but who refused to leave until all other POW’s were released, and how he was “hanging out” with John Lennon in his New York apartment before a surprise visit to the recording studio to hear the final track laid down for “Imagine”. Wow!

Now, Rennie and his team at the Foundation for Humanity are encouraging all of us to dig in, to find and cultivate intentional community, and to deploy Permaculture, soil regeneration, and other “survival skills” to create the resilience required to endure and thrive in the midst of massive earth changes. Rennie observes that only about 5-6% of humanity is “awake” at this point, and that we need a massive awakening within our lifetime – here are the stages: (1) wake up; (2) become aware; (3) become conscious. During his 4 year solitude time in the sacred Havasupai lands, Rennie learned to talk with the Earth, and describes her as a self-aware being. He encourages all of us to cultivate the special listening skills to become “Earth Whisperers” and to help Mama Gaia in her healing journey.

Rennie Davis was the coordinator of the largest anti-war and civil rights coalition in American history. He planned to bring 500,000 people to protest the Vietnam war at the 1968 Chicago Democratic Convention. With parallels to today’s Republican White House, Chicago’s mayor denied permits and the right to peacefully assemble. Instead, police beat and tear gassed demonstrators while the whole world was watching. More people watched the police riot on television than watched the first man landing on the moon. For his role in Chicago, he was indicated with 7 others in what the NY Times described as the “most significant political trial in American history.” The Trial of the Chicago 7 is a Dreamworks movie set to be released October 16. He also organized the largest civil disobedience arrest in American history and partnered with John Lennon to end the Vietnam war. When the vice president of the United States called him the most dangerous man in America, all his friends celebrated his academy award of protest.

Davis later became a venture capitalist and lecturer on meditation and self-awareness. He is the founder of Foundation for a New Humanity, a technology development and venture capital company commercializing breakthrough technologies.

He has appeared on Larry King Live, Barbara Walters, CNN, Phil Donahue, VH1, and other network programs. He consults and provides advice in business strategies for Fortune 500 companies.


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