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  • Episode 93 – Mike Lewis, Plant-based Eye Wear at Zeal Optics
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Episode 93 - Mike Lewis, Plant-based Eye Wear at Zeal Optics

Mike Lewis, Marketing Director at Zeal Optics, discusses the innovative company’s high performance plant-based and recycled plastic sunglasses and ski/snowboard goggles. In addition to its leadership in advanced, earth-friendly materials, Zeal Optics is also leading the way with its “Buy a Zeal, Plant a Tree” campaign in partnership with the National Forest Foundation and Tree Canada. Last year, the company planted over 10,000 trees. Now, for “Cyber Monday” and “Giving Tuesday” the company is planting not 1 but 10 trees for each pair sold! Shop today using the special affiliate link (zealop.link/yonearth) and get a 10% discount, help support the Y on Earth Community, AND get 10 trees planted!

Zeal Optics pioneers advanced eco-appropriate eye wear with their Z-resin frames and Ellume polarized lenses (both made from castor plants). They also make the See Grass frames using recycled PET and agricultural byproducts from hemp, rice, flax, and straw. In addition to its tree-planting campaigns, the company also partners with Plastic Bank in British Columbia for its Shades for Seas campaigns, through which product sales activate ocean plastic clean up – 5 pounds for each product sold! Zeal Optics was founded in Moab, Utah in 1997 by Michael and Wink Jackson, and is now headquartered in Boulder, Colorado.

Colorado native Mike Lewis has focused his career on the outdoor industry with a focus on sustainability. With degrees in Environmental Sciences and Journalism from CU Boulder and an MBA in Sustainability and Marketing from the Illinois Institute of Technology, Lewis’s goal has been to find ways to showcase how brands can profitably impact and lead the environmental conversation. Before joining Zeal Optics in 2013, where he is director of marketing, he served as Editor in Chief for TransWorld Business. On behalf of Zeal Optics, Mike works with the 1% for the Planet network and the Outdoor Association’s Sustainable Working Group in order to continue advancing environmental stewardship.

zealop.link/yonearth (get a 10% discount on your purchase!)
Instagram: @zealoptics

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