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Episode 155 - John Rogers, Holistic Systems Thinker & Author, "The Renaissance Campaign"

A Renaissance (r)Evolution – John Rogers on “Renaissance Campaigns”

Many of the biggest challenges we face are too complex for any single person to understand completely or mitigate them alone. Hence, unlocking “group genius” is an essential strategy for holistic knowledge building, solution-set generation, and systems change-making. In this important podcast episode, John Rogers, the author of The Renaissance Campaign, shares stories and insights from a career spanning several sectors: defense, logistics, technology, entertainment and media, and myriad fund-raising campaigns for political and social causes. In his book, John shares an insight that virtually anything we choose to do can be thought of as a “campaign,” and that, in order to most creatively and successfully run our campaigns, enlisting the mixed-table genius of diverse groups is a key strategy. We might say, especially in the face of the most pressing systemic and existential risks facing humanity at local, regional, and global scales, the development and deployment of “mixed table” renaissance teams is an imperative – and John explains clearly and cogently just how to do that as effectively as possible.

Pointing to the genius that famously flowered during the Renaissance period – with figures like Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo collaborating with financiers like the Medici family to have a lasting impact on society and the entire world – John discusses the transformative power that can be unleashed when professional creatives are convened to collaborate in specifically-curated contexts with subject matter experts and thought leaders from other domains.

Working across many disciplines and collaborating with thought leaders, subject matter experts, and creatives, including as a senior advisor and core team member of the Le Ciel Foundation and Le Ciel Global, John is on the fore-front of holistic systems thinking, and is actively collaborating with policy makers, change makers, and wisdom keepers to cultivate comprehensive, humanistic solution sets to our many pressing problems. Recognizing that we need a “bigger tool box” than any single discipline or vertical provides, John tells us that primordial wisdom traditions, the most advanced modern science, and deep creativity are all needed in order to form a complete set of approaches, insights, and perspectives. Bringing diverse people together into “Renaissance Teams,” John and his colleagues provide advising services to a variety of corporate, government, NGO, and community-based stakeholders occupying a variety of roles throughout society. He tells us that open hearts and open minds are both essential for the systemic change-making needed in these momentous times.

About John Rogers

John Rogers is a national security and systemic risk expert focused on change and disruption in the arenas of climate, technology, geopolitics, and culture. John established RL Leaders, a consulting enterprise serving the US Government that has served at the nexus of the national security community and Hollywood/entertainment community for over two decades. John held the position of RL Leaders CEO until he transitioned to a board position in 2022 after selling the company to the partners. He serves on several Boards of Directors and Advisory Boards, including Le Ciel Global, National Security Leaders for America, HUB Security, NeuroAnimations, and Wizdome. John has worked in both the private and public sectors, including as CEO of MV Transportation and at the Pentagon as Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense. He has led national and international scale campaigns, including with Michael J Fox’s major legislative efforts for Parkinson’s Disease treatment. John gave a keynote talk at the Bretton Woods 75th Anniversary Conference titled, “The Power of Perspective.” He resides in Wisconsin where he has been instrumental in several state-level initiatives and campaigns, and can be found in creative pursuits such as photography, writing, and occasionally painting, when not working through diverse networks on some of humanity’s most pressing challenges.

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