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  • Episode 160 – Sophie Monpeyssen & Olivier Girard, Co-Founders, Le Ciel Foundation
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Stewardship & Sustainability Series
Episode 160 - Sophie Monpeyssen & Olivier Girard, Co-Founders, Le Ciel Foundation

The Le Ciel Foundation is a unique, globally-networked organization providing ordinary people and senior professionals alike the opportunity to grow and develop in the extraordinary context of heart-coherence, rooted in primordial wisdom. Along with the publication of the documentary, “The Twelve” (directed by Lucy Martens and Olivier Girard), in which indigenous wisdom keepers from around the world share their knowledge and insights concerning these momentous times in particular, the Le Ciel Foundation was launched to activate networks of visionary leaders across the globe and to seed the advancement of human consciousness in communities world-wide.

At the convergence of advanced science and primordial wisdom, the Le Ciel Foundations’ global network of organizational leaders and change makers are collaborating to change the world from the inside out. Sophie and Olivier tell us that “community is essential,” and that “to change the world we must first change ourselves.” Through their Holistic Visions Training Program (HVTP), the Le Ciel Foundation’s leadership team curates year-long, in-depth, cohort-based experiences and the group is now developing and deploying a variety of other offerings to reach even more executives, parents, children, and community leaders. Their Earth Cubs program provides “capsules of wisdom” for children ages 3 – 11.

As an innovative “network of networks” the Le Ciel Foundation is collaborating across the globe with myriad additional networks and organizations, including the Y on Earth Community, with the ambitious goal of directly reaching 3% of the entire human population – approximately 240,000,000 people – by the end of 2026. Will you connect with the Le Ciel Foundation and help to make this a reality?   

About Sophie Monpeyssen

Sophie holds the vision of a society that lives in respect and integrity with itself, society, and Nature close to her heart and strives to bring this vision to reality every day. To her, everything is possible when you align yourself with the values of the universe, and are dedicated to carrying out your mission.

Passionate about growth and transformation, she’s worked in the field of consciousness since 1996. Over the years, her research has brought her to all corners of the world to learn from the wisdom of indigenous cultures.

Her drive is to discover how we can be the change and create a movement for humanity to evolve and adopt a new way of being that is more ethical, responsible and ecological.

In search of solutions for the world and more specifically for humanity, she listens to ancestral wisdom.

Sophie studied Psychotherapy, Musicology, Pedagogy, and Sophrology at the University of Paris – Sorbonne.

About Olivier Girard

Olivier approaches life with curiosity, the drive to connect to and make sense of the universe we live in and the ambition to impact the present and future positively. Embedding art, science, technology, and spirituality in what he does has led him to develop a toolbox of skills that enable him to dream, envision, design, and execute ideas or projects.
He is a creator, a designer of things.

Olivier likes to be precise and detail-orientated while constantly keeping an eagle-eye’s view on things, connecting the dots leading from the inception of an idea to its final execution.

With over 25 years of experience, he wove his expertise into the realms of branding, marketing, and content creation. Half of his professional journey was dedicated to shaping the identity of the music and video game industry, while the other half involved content creation as a music producer and art director/designer in web and graphic design.

In 2016, he co-founded Le Ciel Foundation as a means to spread primordial wisdom and scale its positive impact in a major way.

LeCiel was and still is a pioneering initiative in the way it is operated, structured, and managed, as well as in the innovative vision for systemic change it brings into the light. Giving birth to and growing such an organization brought a deep sense of alignment with the spiritual path initiated when he was in his early twenties, a strong sense of purpose and mission and constant opportunity for self-growth and evolution.

His role in the organization involved co-directing the award-winning film The Twelve, and he also contributed significantly to the creation and management of Le Ciel Foundation. He also co-creates, co-writes and co-hosts the Holistic Visions Training Program with Sophie Monpeyssen, and is constantly refining the communication tools, branding strategies, and wording around Le Ciel Foundation and its missions to amplify the organization’s impact.

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