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Stewardship & Sustainability Series
Episode 163 - Jared Meyers, Chairman, Legacy Vacation Resorts

Values-driven Business in the 21st Century – Banking & Tourism for Good

In this podcast episode, Jared Meyers, the Founder and Chairman of ecotourism brand Legacy Vacation Resorts, discusses how values-driven business in the 21st century delivers benefits for people and planet while also bolstering profits. By embodying and demonstrating deep alignment with core values and day-to-day decision making and action taking, Jared exemplifies the “Ecocene entrepreneur” spirit and ethos. Eschewing the heretofore conventional business ideal of “profits at all costs,” Jared instead way-shows and shines light on emerging business models that are out-competing their conventional counterparts by focusing on sustainable values-driven differentiation in the marketplace. In a word, winning. Winning in the three-fold manner of stewarding our planet, caring for our communities, and prospering financially in a holistic and comprehensive foundation of leadership rooted in service. In order to evolve our world-views to attain this framework for ourselves, Jared tells us we must (1) unlearn, (2) relearn, and (3) rehumanize.

In addition to leading Legacy Vacation Resorts, Jared is also a co-founder of Climate First Bank and is a leader in several community networks, including 1% for the Planet, White Men for Racial Justice, B-Corp / B-Certified, Global Alliance for Banking Values, and One Ethos. By not separating “business” from “personal” life, Jared asserts that he experiences being more human as we collaborates across sectors and works tirelessly to improve lives in communities across the entire socio-economic-ethnic spectrum. A “Benefits Corporation” since day one, Climate First Bank is the fastest growing bank in the United States (measured in terms of organic growth as opposed to mergers and acquisitions) and focuses on lending to non-profits, other benefits corporations, and for solar and renewable energy.  

About Jared Meyers

Jared Meyers is a values-driven professional utilizing his time and resources to improve social, environmental and economic conditions through Certified B Corporations (“B Corp”) and the Business for Good movement. He believes we can co-create a better and more resilient future by supporting organizations and people that seek a shared and equitable prosperity for all. He accomplishes this as a founder, investor, and/or lead executive of several carbon neutral B Corp businesses, which include Legacy Vacation Resorts (hotels), Salt Palm Development (real estate development), and Climate First Bank (banking).  These B Corps operate in Florida, Colorado, Nevada, and New Jersey, serve over 300,000 customers annually, and regularly achieve some of the highest positive stakeholder impact in their respective industries (as evidenced by local, national, and international awards, and their verified B Corp scores).  This past year, Jared was recognized as one of the top 100 Impact CEOs in the United States by Big Path Capital (“Momentum 100”).

Jared stewards the For Good Movement (Florida for Good and B Tourism business communities), while serving as Co-Chairman of B Local Florida, a Founding Steward of B Lab, a Global Economic and Environmental Opportunity Fellow at the University of Central Florida, Co-Chair of the East Central Florida Regional Resilience Collaborative, and a Partner in Change for the Transformational Travel Council. He enjoys sports, being an involved dad, and actively traveling with his wife of 22 years, Kristi, and their two children. They live in Orlando, Florida. Jared graduated from the University of Florida in 1998 Summa Cum Laude with a BSBA double majoring in Finance and Management.

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