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Episode 158 - Gabe Brown, Regenerative Farmer/Rancher & Author, "Dirt to Soil"

Gabe Brown, Regenerative Farmer/Rancher & Author, Dirt to Soil

“We have seen more positive change in the past three years than in the preceding 25 years combined” – this is the perspective of Gabe Brown, one of the most prominent leaders in the regenerative farming and ranching movement. It is a hopeful statement that reveals the big-picture directionality of the movement in the United States (and internationally) and also reveals the career-long dedication of Gabe Brown, an author, leader and spokesperson who has educated thousands, advised government bodies, and inspired generations to carry the cause of earth stewardship, profitable family farming, and nutrient dense food production forward into the future.

In his book, Dirt to Soil (published by Chelsea Green Publishing), Gabe Brown chronicles his career as a farmer and rancher in North Dakota, where he and his wife Shelly have farmed and ranched their diversified 6,000 acre property, which is now being managed by their son Paul and his wife Jazmin. Advocating “common ground for common good,” Gabe has been recognized by the National No-Till Association as one of the 25 most influential agricultural leaders in the United States. He has pioneered regenerative farming / ranching certification regimes, his testified before the US Congress, and has founded multiple organizations, including Understanding Ag, the Soil Health Academy, and Regenified.com.

Despite the progress being made, Gabe reminds us that 50-75% of the carbon that was in the soil before modern, industrial, chemical- and mechanical-agricultural is now in the atmosphere, and that nutrient density in food is now a mere fraction of what it once was just a few generations ago (and for all previous generations of the entire human experience on Earth), likely underlying the Alzheimer’s, ADHD, Parkinsons, and cancer epidemics currently affecting so many families. We are deep in a highly anomalous era in humanity’s history on planet Earth, and there’s much work to do.

Additionally, Gabe invites us to consider: the fallacy of “feeding the world,” the incredible ‘magic’ of the rhizosphere, allowing a cow to “be a cow,” the notion of “good stress,” and the difference between profit and yield from a commercial farming perspective (the latter should be the focus, not the former!).

About Gabe Brown

Gabe Brown is one of the pioneers of the current soil health movement which focuses on the regeneration of natural resources. Gabe is a partner and Board Member at Regenified and serves as the public face of the company. He is a founding partner in Understanding Ag, LLC and a founder and instructor for the Non-Profit Soil Health Academy, which focuses on teaching others the power and importance of healthy functioning ecosystems. He authored the best-selling book, Dirt to Soil, One Family’s Journey Into Regenerative Agriculture. He and his wife Shelly founded Brown’s Ranch, a diversified 6,000-acre farm and ranch near Bismarck, North Dakota, now managed by their son Paul and his wife Jazmin. Gabe and the family’s ranch have received many forms of recognition for their work, including the prestigious Heinz Award for the Environment, the Growing Green award from the Natural Resource Defense Council, an Environmental Stewardship Award from the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, and the Zero-Till Producer of the Year Award, to name a few. Over 2,000 people visit the Brown’s Ranch annually to see this unique operation, and they have had visitors from all fifty states and thirty-one foreign countries. Gabe holds degrees in Agricultural Economics and Animal Science.

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