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Episode 165 - Kelpie Wilson, Unveiling the Mysterious Secrets of Biochar (The Biochar Handbook)

Hexagonal Micro Structures for Planetary Prosperity – Unveiling the Secrets of Biochar with Kelpie Wilson

What do Justus Liebig, Pyrolysis, Cation Exchange Capacity, Carbon Nanotubes, the Black Madonna, and Hexagonal Micro Structures with Eight Allotropes have to do with each other? They’re all related to biochar – a simple, easy-to-make form of charcoal with special properties that enhance carbon sequestration, water retention, soil fertility, and enable greater nutrient density, food security, and even climate stabilization. At the molecular level, biochar exhibits extraordinary geometric structures – some might recognize “sacred” geometric structures – that are known to amplify the ionic and electric capacity of the soil and the life-giving forces of nature’s alchemy. In this special podcast episode, Kelpie Wilson, the author of The Biochar Handbook: A Practical Guide to Making and Using Bioactivated Charcoal (a book from Chelsea Green Publishing), provides a vast array of insights, knowledge, wisdom, how-to advice, and recommendations for each of us to incorporate more biochar in our gardens, yards, farms, and lives.

The Historical, Indigenous, and Natural Roots of Biochar

Nature makes biochar herself. According to Kelpie Wilson, much of the fertility in the grasslands and savannahs throughout the world is the result of eons of biochar-making in the form of wildfires. These naturally-occurring fertility enhancing fires were harnessed by indigenous cultures around the world, who have made Biochar for increased soil fertility throughout millennia, including the Terra Preta of Amazonian cultures. Biochar has been found around dwellings in Africa, Spain, Medieval Europe, Amazonia, and elsewhere. And, it was used as a nutritive food supplement by ancient Greeks and Egyptians (See esp. Hippocrates, Pliny, and Galen). Now, you can make and incorporate biochar into your own gardens, yards, and soil-building practices with the practical “how-to” guidance provided by Kelpie in her book and her special Biochar Module in the Y on Earth Community’s Simple Gardening Wisdom Video Course. She also provides special, easy-to-use “Ring of Fire” biochar kilns, available for sale through her Ring of Fire offerings.

Uplevel Your Biochar (and Gardening) Expertise Today

Use the code YOE35 to get an exclusive 35% discount on Kelpie’s book at Chelsea Green Publishing.

And, participate in the Simple Gardening Wisdom Video Course (with special bundle pricing, for a limited time) to access a bespoke module on “Backyard Biochar Mastery” created by Kelpie Wilson in partnership with the Y on Earth Community.

About Kelpie Wilson

Kelpie Wilson is a writer, mechanical engineer, and author of The Biochar Handbook: A Practical Guide to Making and Using Bioactivated Charcoal. She has worked in the biochar field since 2008 as an independent consultant and also as a project developer and writer for the International Biochar Initiative. From 2004-2008 she was the environmental editor and columnist at Truthout.org and a contributing editor for Yoga Plus magazine. She has published more than 100 articles in numerous magazines and online publications on climate change, environment and energy. From 2004-2006 she was a technical writer for Energy Outfitters, a solar equipment distributor. Prior to

that she spent 12 years as a forest protection advocate with the Siskiyou Regional Education Project in Oregon. Before moving to Oregon, she worked for a small R&D firm designing Stirling cycle engines in Berkeley, California.

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